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September - October 1981 Issue

Shortly after Smokey and the Bandit II, a company named Trans Am Specialties from New Jersey bought the rights to use the name "Bandit" for a special limited edition run of this 1981 Trans Am called , aptly, "The Bandit". For that time period it was a hoss of a car. The sticker price on it in 1981 was $30,000 and some change. It was by far no ordinary Trans Am though as you will read in the article. A 455 cubic inch Pontiac powerplant coupled to an available Doug Nash 5 speed made this no ordinary GM Trans Am, especially considering what General Motors was putting into Trans Ams in 1981. I saw one on Ebay not too long ago. I am not sure what the final bid went for but it was nice seeing that at least one has still survived. If you own one of these could you please send me some pics or info? I would certainly love to have them to show to everyone, or I will keep them private if you prefer. My email is

You can read the June 1981 Motor Trend review of this  1981 Bandit Trans Am here.


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Fits perfectly with the Bandit article above!

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