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Trans Am / Firebird Articles

Here are some great articles collected over the years on the Firebird / Trans Am.  The technical stuff may be a bit dated now, but they are still great to read.

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August 1976 Motor Trend

(Review of the brand new 1977 Firebird Trans Am)


January 1980 Popular Hot Rodding

(1977 and 1978 Trans Am articles. I only have the 1978 for now. )



September - October 1981 TA Magazine

(also known as Thunder Am magazine)

THE BANDIT was a special Trans Am built by Trans Am Specialties in New Jersey in the early 1980's. There were very limited numbers of these cars produced. The next two magazine articles below cover this special vehicle in great detail. The cost in 1980? A hefty $30,000 plus some change for the "top of the line" Bandit. Not your run of the mill Trans Am though. This was very well built. Read on........

08 / 01 / 09 -- Just found a new interview with Chuck Posey, the original owner (along with Rob Jones Jr.) of Trans Am Specialties of Cherry Hill, New Jersey in the 1980's.  This interview is featured in the July 2009 edition of High Performance Pontiac. 

Go Here to read all about The Bandit! 


June 1981 Motor Trend

(Covers same Bandit Trans Am as shown above in TA Magazine)





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