MY 1977 TRANS 

Vintage 1977 Trans Am Ads

Here are some interesting and cool ads that General Motors ( GM ) and Pontiac Motor Division put out marketing the 1977 Trans Am / Firebird. Included are also other companies that used the Trans Am to market their products. I would say a very smart choice!

I have included other 1976 - 1981 Firebird and Trans Am ads also. I love all the Trans Ams but for me the 1974 - 1981 year models were my favorites.

(click on all ads to see larger image)

GM Promotional Photos (with attached letter)


Goodyear Tire Ad (could be 1977 or 1978)



Motor Trend August 1976 (2 pages)

                      (page 1)                                 (page 2)

Marshall Tucker Band / RonRico Rum Trans Am Giveaway

(odd thing about the ad, it says Grand Prize is a 1982 Trans Am....hmmmnn?)

1978 Pontiac Firebird and Trans Am Ad from General Motors

1977 or 1978 Trans Am Gabriel Shock Ad

1981 Turbo Trans Am



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