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On the following pages you will learn a little about me and my 1977 Trans Am. I have dedicated a page to each of the main aspects of my Trans Am and will be adding more in the future. These pages include some 1977 STATISTICS , vintage ADS , VIDEOS , the EXTERIOR , the INTERIOR , the ENGINE compartment , available OPTIONS , and some links to some other great Trans Am / Firebird websites on the web. In July, 2013 I also added the addition of the UNDERCARRIAGE page of my 1977 Trans Am. 

About My 1977 Trans Am

To be fair and honest here, this is not a real special edition Trans Am. It was originally black on black with the standard vinyl interior.  Throughout the years, mainly from 1987 until 1990, I transformed it into what you see here. I worked (and still do) at a local GM dealer in parts and was fortunate to acquire most of the items from General Motors while they were still available, including the gold instrument bezel plate. Wow, if I knew then what they were bringing now on Ebay I would have bought a truckload of them and many other parts! Ha ha.  It isn't "period correct" though because it has the round turn signal holes instead of the left and right arrows. GM has a way of changing part numbers and as long as it works on the vehicle, it doesn't necessarily matter if it looks identical. In other words, the 1977 bezel part number superseded to a 1979 and up number. Among other "new" (meaning 1988-1990 when I was restoring it) GM parts are the front console, rear seat console, carpet , rear defrost switch, door lock switches, window switch, wiper switch, heater control, door panel emblems, exterior birds and decals, tail light outer lenses, front red arrowhead, wheel centers and emblems, and more but those are the main ones I can remember at the present moment.  The exterior stripes are all painted on. In 1990 when I repainted the Trans Am, GM had discontinued most of the tape stripes. I did buy one I believe to get measurements from it. Even if  they DID have them all, I couldn't have afforded to buy them all. I believe most of them were around $30 and up each! Yes, it took forever to apply all the stripes and it was tedious work, but it gives me something to talk about nowadays at shows! The T-Tops are also aftermarket by a company called Cars and Concepts. At the time I had to have them so I had them installed. It is actually a pretty cool design. I just hate that the center "painted" portion of the roof is not visible when they are out. They are very similar to the way the 1982 and up T-Tops look. The interior seats and door panels I bought in 2003 and they are all original from a  1977 Special Edition Trans Am. They have not been re-covered. Yes, they have a few small blemishes but in fantastic shape to be 30 + years old.  Well, that's a short rap on the condition of the car. You will learn more  as you explore the site. Thanks very much for stopping by and visiting !


A little about me and how I came to want a 1977 Trans Am

1977  Wow. I was getting ready to turn 11 later that year. I remember dad wanting to know if we wanted to go see a movie and of course being 11 years old, yes we did! Little did I realize that my life was about to change forever!! Ha ha ha! You know the movie. That crazy Sheriff Buford T. Justice (Jackie Gleason) trying to catch this idiot Bo Darville (Burt Reynolds) and Cletus Snow (Jerry Reed). They were bootlegging Coors beer back from Texarkana, Arkansas delivering the goods to Atlanta, Georgia. Cletus, aka the Snowman, was hauling the goods and Bo, aka the Bandit, was running blocker in that black 1977 Special Edition Trans Am. At 10 years old, all I could remember after that movie were two things. One, the Bandit was cool  and two, I knew eventually I had to have me a black 1977 Trans Am!!

Oh yes, By the way, that movie was "Smokey and The Bandit" as if you didn't already know! :)

Fast forward nine years...........

It was 1986 and I was in my first year of college when I drove by a popular car lot in town and saw a pretty nice black Trans Am sitting on the front row. I couldn't resist so I turned around and drove into the parking lot to take a look. To my surprise, I looked in the window and saw that it was equipped with a manual transmission. I didn't know that much about Trans Ams at the time but I did know that most of them were equipped with automatics. All of a sudden, I started getting very interested in this car. I returned home that afternoon ( I attended school locally) and asked my older brother if he would co-sign on a loan so I could purchase my dream car, so to speak. He did and the rest is history. I have owned it since then.

More To Come Soon!

Stay Tuned!



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